Threat Intelligence

TriVault is known for its threat intelligence network. We analyze a threat that one client may receive, and use this analysis to prevent any other clients from receiving that same issue.

  • Included with all of our plans
  • Hundreds of thousands of malware samples
  • No negative impact on performance
  • Rapidly updated to include zero-day malware


The threat intelligence network ties together with our sandboxing and container techniques to allow for heuristics analysis and querying of malware samples. This helps us rapidly identify zero-day threats.

Isolated Analysis

When we recognize a potential threat, we take it off your machine, and bring it into ours for analysis. This saves you in the case it's an infected sample, and prevents your machine from having poor performance while scanning.

Included in all Plans

Our threat intelligence network is inclusive with all of our plans, no matter what pricing model is decided. This is an absolute necessity for all organizations to have in order to protect themselves properly.

Threat Intelligence is included with all of our plans!