High Performance

The TriVault products are all developed with performance in mind. We maintain performance by providing analysis on our own servers and containing endpoints and network connections independently in a decentralized fashion.


TriVault's solutions can all be customized to any organization's needs. Our motto is "Security That Suits You." With this goal, our aim is to always provide the best end-to-end solution to anyone that needs it.


TriVault's technologies are always available and operating. We efficiently process threats through various solutions to maintain stability and security for the organizations we protect. We do this on a 24/7/365 schedule.


Anything you need... Just ask! TriVault is here to be your partner - something most security companies can't say. Even if your needs aren't security related, just let us know and we will work with you to help you find the answers you're looking for.

Endpoint Security Suite

$10 / mo / device
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Data Loss Prevention

$5 / mo / device
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Mobile Management

$2 / mo / device
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Network Security

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Password Management

$5 / mo / organization
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File Management

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Forensic Analysis

$80 / hr
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Incident Response

$1500 Annually or $150 / hr
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24/7 Service Desk

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Vulnerability Management

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The Akron Zoo

TriVault has provided us with PCI-compliant monitoring and security solutions to keep our consumer data safe and secure.

Btown Brewery

TriVault has helped our peace of mind in knowing our organization is secure. They taught us about external and internal threats and now we are protected across the board.

Dr. Nguyen - Physician, NEO

Once we were set up, using TriVault has been easy and painless. The price and simplicity of the service keeps us coming back each month without worrying about security or HIPAA compliance.

Jacob Stone - VP, MCFCU Bank

Being a bank, we have to continuously maintain constant security. TriVault is one of the vendors we work very closely with to ensure our services are safe and secure, and they do an excellent job!

Landon & Associates LLP

Cybersecurity became a legal requirement for us, and TriVault filled the gap and made a transition quick and painless for us.

Qualcomm Engineering

We have to protect our assets to prevent intellectual property theft. TriVault has been able to keep us protected and we never have to worry about impeding threats.

TriVault is a cyber security managed services and development organization that provides next generation technology to businesses of all sizes. TriVault has a strong focus in the security industry, especially around legal, payment card, and HIPAA compliance and security standards as well as encryption techniques, and a world-class threat intelligence network.
Security is a must in this day and age. With organizations constantly under attack, there's no reason not to protect the data and services you work so hard to acquire. 60% of small businesses close their doors after 6 months of a data breach. Statistically, cyber security is a requirement in order to maintain proper standards within a business.
The average cost of a data breach is 150$ per record stolen. For small offices with hundreds or even thousands of clients, customers, or patients, this really adds up in cost! This does not include legal implications, not to mention the ethical reasoning behind protecting data. Threats come from outside, inside, and every direction therein. Data is incredibly important to protect!
TriVault's solutions combine anti-virus, anti-malware, anti-spyware, anti-ransomware, anti-rootkit, and anti-exploit software into one. TriVault then analyzes and sandboxes malware on its own servers so they are isolated from you. Furthermore, TriVault shares a threat intelligence model between customers so that no two can ever get infected with the same malware. TriVault also has pre-defined malware analysis samples, network security, and mobile device security suites to further security standards. Lastly, TriVault has the ability to monitor threats both live and in an automated fashion to prevent any attacks from succeeding.