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TriVault's file management solutions are world-class, and invoke new technology used by only a handful of other companies. Our up-and-coming file managers maintain proper compliance standards that beat out the likes of some of the biggest file management companies on the planet. With proper practices, these solutions can manage thousands of files and be used by businesses of all sizes! Plus they're super easy to use!

What Are TriVault's File Management Solutions

TriVault implements more than just the standard file management protocols.

File management is a necessity at the foundation of most businesses. Maintaining HIPAA, PCI, and legal compliance is a requirement by nature of a lot of organizations, yet they don't do it. It's just not simple for organizations to handle patient files, send files back and forth between other organizations, or store them for future reference. With TriVault's file management suite, this is now easier than ever! We provide a nice front-end web application for organizations to drag and drop files of any kind. It's super easy to use, customizable, and available for as low as 20$/mo!

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TriVault File Manager

TriVault is the simplest solution to maintain your files and follow compliance!


Our file manager can be customized to be available via mobile if necessary.

Non-Invasive Security

Files are encrypted from the get-go. We can't see them, only you can! The encryption protocol is required to maintain compliance standards, and we ensure its dependability.

Save Money

Starting at $20/month for the entire business, our file manager is designed to save you money. A small investment in security equals a bigger investment in your own business.

24/7 Support

We're here through thick and thin. Support is always available, and real people answer our phones. You don't need to navigate through a call menu to get to us.

24/7 Availability

The file manager system is always available, and it is a dependable system for your business!

Easy to Customize

TriVault will handle the setup and maintenance... Just tell us what you want, and we can customize it for you!

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TriVault's file management solution is available to be deployed in minutes!

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Simply contact TriVault to sign up for our services. It only takes a few minutes for a lifetime of peace of mind!

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We deploy the file manager for your business. The only thing you need to do is decide who can use it!

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Once it's set up, you are good to go. Just let us know if you need anything else!


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