TriVault Endpoint Protection

A world-class solution available to organizations of all sizes at a fraction of the cost!

Endpoint Machine Learning

TriVault's Machine Learning Can Promote Specialized Security

The lineage between security events can be analyzed by artificial intelligence to identify threats that most endpoint protection suites can't detect. TriVault has options that include machine learning to better protect our clientele, and a shared threat analysis network that prevents all other clients from ever receiving the vulnerabilities that one in particular may encounter.

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Intelligence Databases

-More than 50 Million Malicious Events Found
-Over 900,000 Pre-Defined Threats Stored
-200+ Zero-Days Identified and Prevented


0 Threats

1,000,000 Threats

Intelligence Databases Threat Outlook

  • 13% Ransomware
  • 43% Phishing Campaign Models
  • 26% Keyloggers, Remote Access Trojans, and Standard Threat Models
  • 18% Other Threat Models (Spyware, Rootkits, etc.)

Client Breakdown

  • 2 Fortune 500 Organizations
  • 3 Large Companies (5000+ employees)
  • 17 Mid-Sized Clients (250-4999 employees)
  • 50+ Small Businesses

Endpoint Security Roadmap

Mobile Security

Secure Anywhere

Mobile security is a must in our fast-paced society. With business being conducted on phones via email, text, and messaging of all kinds, there is critical business information on our mobile devices. Yet, this category of devices is the least protected. TriVault has mobile agents that can protect both iOS and Android mobile devices. Protect yours today for as low as 2$ a month!

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