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When it comes to security standards, data loss prevention (DLP) is becoming a newly recognized requirement. Threats don't always come from the outside - Everyday employees mishandle files, share data, or even steal it! Corporate espionage survives on stealing data, and it happens at all levels of business. The constant threat of someone just plugging in a USB drive and stealing thousands of files is persistent, even if they're internal. This type of attack has gotten so common and advanced that machines can have data stolen even while locked. Data loss prevention agents can monitor this data, and block it from being intercepted from the start. Enforce data to stay on your machines and leverage whatever policies you desire!

TriVault Data Loss Prevention

TriVault implements more than just the standard DLP protocols.

Data loss prevention has never been easier. TriVault offers both unmanaged and managed solutions that are customizable to whatever extent desired. These solutions are advanced and prevent USB attacks that steal files, internal emails from sending files to external emails without verification from management, and all kinds of other policies to ensure proper file management and secure data standards! Maintain HIPAA, PCI, and other compliance standards by safely managing data with TriVault!

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TriVault DLP

TriVault is the simplest solution for data loss prevention, and it only takes minutes to set up!


Data loss prevention is important on every device, even phones. Our solutions are mobile-friendly as well!

Non-Invasive Security

Privacy is important when maintaining security. Everything you do is still encrypted, so we don't intrude on your personal or business space!

Save Money

Starting at $5/month, our plans are designed to save you money. A small investment in security equals a bigger investment in your own business.

24/7 Support

We're here through thick and thin. Support is always available, and real people answer our phones. You don't need to navigate through a call menu to get to us.

Continuous Threat Analysis

Monitoring never stops. We handle tens of thousands of browsing requests every second with our agents analyzing for very specific theats!

Easy to Customize

TriVault will handle the setup and maintenance... Just tell us what you want, and we can customize it for you!

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TriVault's DLP solution is available to be deployed in minutes!

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Simply contact TriVault to sign up for our services. It only takes a few minutes for a lifetime of peace of mind!

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We generate a customized agent for your endpoints and install it in a matter of minutes!

Monitor and Report

We will constantly monitor for actions on files for malicious activity and report findings to you.


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