Customized Dashboards

TriVault specializes in custom-designed software. We create dashboards for businesses that are completely customizable to have whatever data on them desired. These dashboards can have links, buttons, and custom reports as well as login capabilities. They can be accessed within a local environment, or be on the web and accessed from anywhere, including via mobile.

  • Included with our premium plans
  • Completely customizable to your liking
  • Hosted by us or hosted locally

Any Data You Can Find

These dashboards can run off of different types of databases, making it so that we can tie in any data that you can find!

Available Anywhere

The dashboards are available from anywhere, even on a mobile device. This is dependent on how you want it hosted. We can also host them locally so they are only available within your network.

Included in Premium Plans

Our customized dashboard platform is inclusive with our premium plans. These dashboards can be extremely useful for a lot of organizations since they can handle any data sets!

Custom dashboards are included with all of our premium plans!