BlackPass PW Manager

Introducing TriVault's simple solution to a growing problem. A massive number of organizations keep their passwords on paper, or in spreadsheets. Fix that problem with an easy-to-use, device-friendly solution.

  • 100% compatible with all browsers
  • Structured for businesses of all sizes
  • Rapidly deployed and easy to customize
  • Available at any time on any device

Secure Code

BlackPass is built on a secure foundation that is geared towards heavy, world-class encryption.


This solution is designed to be bug-free to guarantee you don't lose your passwords. It even comes with a backup solution for the worst of days.

Mobile Ready

Access accounts and passwords at any time via WiFi or LTE - TriVault BlackPass is available on any device at any time.

BlackPass is free for premium clients!

What People Say About BlackPass

  • We were able to reduce the number of employees that share passwords.. Simple yet effective!

  • It helped our office stop sharing a spreadsheet that we kept emailing to each other back and forth, saving us hundreds of hours a year... For free!

  • A good-looking product that is easy to use for all of us.